Public Eye – Focus on Global Justice

Public Eye is an independent organization with about 25,000 members that fights injustices with a significant link to Switzerland and promotes respect for human rights worldwide. Public Eye was founded as „Bern Declaration“ in 1968, based on a founding manifesto of the same name.

Many people in poorer countries suffer from human rights violations, exploitative working conditions, poverty, hunger, and environmental destruction on a daily basis. We cannot ignore their situation since the causes for their plight often have roots in Switzerland too – irresponsible corporations, ignorant politics or our own consumer behavior.

Where large corporations prefer to act in the dark and politics look the other way, Public Eye takes a closer look: with research, lobbying, campaigns, and political initiatives we and our 25,000 members make sure that Swiss companies and Swiss politics live up to their responsibility to protect and respect human rights worldwide. To that end, we work closely with our national and international partner organizations. Economic profit must not come at the expense of disadvantaged people in other countries.

Since its founding almost 50 years ago, Public Eye has acted on the principle that „it is not so much a matter of giving more than it is of taking less“. Our latest campaign is no exception and takes a close look at the dirty fuel business of commodity trading companies.

Public Eye is financed largely by donations and member fees which guarantees our independence.

Our partner organizations in this campaign

Ghana: Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP)


Nigeria: Africa Network for Environment & Economic Justice (ANEEJ)


Mali: Association Malienne d’Éveil au Développement Durable (AMEDD)


Ivory Coast: Groupe de Recherche et de Plaidoyer sur les Industries Extractives (GRPIE)

Mali: Association Malienne pour la Sauvegarde du Bien-être Familial


Ivory Coast: Centre de Recherche et de Formation sur le Développement Intégré (CREFDI)


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