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The Guardian 07.12.2016

Five west African countries ban 'dirty diesel' from Europe

"Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast to block imports from oil companies and traders of diesel with sulphur levels many times European limit", The Guardian writes. Furthermore, The Guardian quotes Public Eye spokesman Oliver Clasen: "The improvement of air quality in African cities and the protection of people’s health is possible. It needs neither rocket science, countless measures, or lengthy negotiations. But governments need to act and the time to act is now"


Public Eye 07.11.2016

Trafigura Ignores 20‘000 Voices of Protest, but Ghana Toughens Sulfur Standards

While Trafigura continues to deny all responsibility for its health damaging business, public pressure moved the government of Ghana to toughen its national sulfur standard by a factor of 60.


Public Eye 26.10.2016

Container with dirty air has arrived in Antwerp

The container filled with dirty air that Public Eye is returning to the sender Trafigura has arrived in Antwerp. The Dirty-Diesel campaign has sparked a broad debate also in the ARA region.


COPEC Ghana 24.10.2016

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers gives government an ultimatum until the end of the year

The organization, alongside various other civil society actors, is demanding the introduction of better fuel quality standards until the end of the year and counters criticizm by the National Petroleum Agency.


Citifmonline 11.10.2016

Automobile firms threaten import cuts over sulphur saga

Automobile dealers have threatened they will halt the importation of new cars to Ghana should government refuse to reduce further the sulphur content contained in imported diesel.


Public Eye, Press Release 04.10.2016

Dirty Diesel: Toxic Air from Africa Returns to Switzerland

Today, the “Irenes Rainbow” leaves the Port of Accra and sets course for Antwerp. On board is a container labelled “Return to Sender” which Public Eye and its African partner organizations plan to deliver to the trading company Trafigura in Geneva.


France 24 20.09.2016

Carburants toxiques à la pompe en Afrique : des conséquences désastreuses pour la santé

The international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris summarizes the results of the "Dirty Diesel" report.


Trouw 19.09.2016

Giftige olie vanuit haven Rotterdam naar Afrika

The dutch daily Newspaper "Trouw de Verdieping" publishes an extensive article on "Dirty Diesel".

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